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Our COCAYA TOUR is our shortest stay service within the Yasuní National Park area, created for quick visits of a magnificent getaway of pure adventure.

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The YASUNÍ TOUR is the intermediate program with a stay of 3 nights and 4 days inside the Yasuní National Park,

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The ARAPAIMA TOUR is a complete program with a longer stay in the Yasuní National Park in which we carry out all the activities that our operator has.

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Our activities

Night excursions

We will do them by canoe and hiking, guests will be able to enjoy the observation of a series of nocturnal animals such as deer, the guanta, the tapir, the tiger or tigrillo, as well as monkeys and nocturnal birds. While we navigate we can also observe alligators along the banks of the rivers.

Sport fishing

This type of fish farming more related to tourism is undoubtedly the one that least affects the ichthyological ecosystem of the region.

Perhaps it is the one that can provide the best economic and environmental conservation benefits in the future, since, as is well known, in the ethics of sport fishing the fish is returned to its origin once caught, weighed and registered.

According to the opinion of some specialized websites on the subject, the Amazon region constitutes a privileged place for this sport due to the diversity and size of the specimens typical of the basins that cross the Amazon. Among them are mentioned the following:

  • El tucunaré (peacok bass): iconic species of the Jatun Cocha lagoon in the Yasuní. Which is a voracious predator that is said to bite hooks that do not have bait. It receives different names according to its characteristics: zú (giant), Paca (painted), Pitanga (dark), Borboleta (butterfly).
  • Al Arapaima o piache, It is considered the largest scale fish in the Amazon and one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. There are many rumors about this species. The piache reaches almost eight feet and weighs about 300 kilograms. Its torpedo-shaped body is covered in shiny black scales, and its snake-like head is shielded by a mildew-colored satin frame. At night his green eyes flash, like a zombie.
  • We can also fish in strategic places of the majestic Napo River where we can fish several species such as: Bagres (catfish), Surubín (barred sorubim), Caraparí (tiger sorubim), Barbado (flatwhiskered catfish), Dorado, Piraíba

Observation of medicinal plants

This place has also become an important attraction for a type of tourism known as scientific tourism, with the support of a knowledgeable guide a tour is made to observe the variety of medicinal plants that exist in the environment.

Orchid observation

The Yasuní National Park is home to innumerable plant species: bromeliads, orchids and ferns, which cover trees up to 50 meters high.